Remote Viewing Practice Targets


Provide practice targets suitable for acquiring and maintaining skill acquisition for both novice and expert remote viewers.


1. Choose a target.

2. Write the target TRN / Coordinates on a piece of paper.

3. Perform your remote viewing session. When finished, time-stamp it (optional).

4. Click on the link and look at the feedback photo / text.

5. Research the target location for more information about the culture, activities, people or the event.

6. Print the feedback image and information and attach it to your session.

7. Save your session for future reference and learning opportunities.


Target-9211-6128 Target-7296-5067 Target-5831-2849 Target-3073-1469 Target-9842-7764 Target-3442-7967 Target-2656-1069 Target-2581-5009 Target-3669-3469 Target-5512-9346 Target-7465-3401 Target-0780-3567 Target-4630-2731 Target-2710-6152 Target-9846-8252 Target-9741-8851 Target-9750-6648 Target-2093-2179 Target-2876-4838 Target-5501-9700 Target-2710-6152 Target-9846-8252 Target-9741-8851 Target-9750-6648 Target-2876-4838 Target-3723-2376 Target-3219-1114 Target-7591-6872 Target-3650-6476 Target-5296-0463 Target-4673-5988 Target-4319-8724 Target-3994-4920 Target-4895-5336 Target-4501-2497 Target-4212-8691 Target-6548-6508 Target-1258-5202 Target-5795-0296 Target-9384-8749 Target-9211-6128