"I have the great and honest pleasure, as one of many CRV students, to say that Teresa Frisch of Aesthetic Impact L.L.C. is as personal, dedicated and multi-talented in all aspects of CRV Training as could be found. Together we worked through Beginners, Intermediate and are currently working through Advanced CRV together. Her love and passion for everything she does reflects in everything she is and does. Her Group approach with attention to Group Individuals combined is simply extraordinary. True wisdom needn't look any further than Teresa. "

Bob Favreau, Advanced CRV Student
"I had a Federal lawsuit that was entering Mediation with the other side rather significantly slow-walking me. I needed to know what to expect from my lawsuit in Mediation vs taking the case to a jury and two years of subsequent appeals. I contracted with Teresa as Project Manager who worked diligently with me to design a properly formulated question to ask a team of remote viewers. Teresa then subcontracted with that team of remote viewers. The remote viewers and I have been kept unknown to each other to this day.

The remote viewers answered the question asked while remaining completely blind to what the actual question was. The remote viewers came up with what can only be called a “right on” set of information and answers including one of them drawing an exact picture of me. Their answers uniformly matched with the “appeals process” range. This knowledge gave me the confidence that I needed during a high-pressure situation. I chose not to prolong the lawsuit by another two years, but did stand firm and gained an extra $45,000 out of the Mediation settlement which completely changed my life. I am astonished by the value and accuracy of the information provided by the remote viewers. Teresa bent over backwards to make sure that everything was done in a completely professional manner. I shall be hiring more remote viewing Projects with Teresa as Project Manager in the future. "

B.C., MD, Pennsylvania, Client
"Teresa is an exceptional instructor in basic, intermediate and advanced controlled remote viewing. She was my instructor in all three levels of CRV. I’m studying Beyond Advanced now and I wouldn’t be able to do that if Teresa hadn’t taken a chance on me! "

Jed Bendix, Advanced CRV Student
"Teresa is one of the few students I've had who has become an excellent trainer and Project Manager in her own rights. She is one of the hardest working people I know, both in the fields of nursing and Controlled Remote Viewing, and is now spearheading research, training, and operational projects of her own. I would give anything to have a dozen like her. It would change the world. "

Lyn Buchanan, Executive Director, Problems>Solutions>Innovations
"This autobiographical account is dedicated to the ex US Military Remote Viewers who have inspired me to try my hand at remote viewing, especially, but not limited to Lyn Buchanan, and Paul Smith. I also dedicate this book to Teresa Marshall Frisch for her patience with me and to Daz Smith for it was his websites that really got me moving in the first place by providing the declassified military documents on remote viewing and the overview of the subject. While he may not remember it, I would also like to specifically thank Joe McMoneagle who once wrote a few wise words for which I now “get” and appreciate and hopefully find it in me to grow from them. "

Stewart Edwards, Remote Viewing – My Second Stage, Smashwords Edition, Webinar Student
"I am so happy that Teresa is my teacher and mentor. Before I found her I felt totally lost when it came to CRV. After attending her monthly online teaching, I knew I wanted to learn from her. She knows CRV and teaches you, at your own pace, so as not to make you feel overwhelmed. She works very hard to bring out the best in each and every one of her students. Before I met Teresa I would read the books on CRV. I took CRV workshops and watched DVDs. I went to the websites on Remote Viewing. Teresa was able to bring out the Remote Viewer in me. She continues to challenge me each and every day to become the best Remote Viewer I can be. I am so proud to be one of her students. Thank You Teresa for being my teacher, mentor, and friend, and making me the best I can be. "

Ronald D. Kuhn, Advanced CRV Student
"I've been a remote viewer for 7 years and have worked with several different Project Managers on operational CRV projects. Teresa Frisch professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. It is a pleasure to be part of a remote viewing team such as Aesthetic Impact Informational Services. "

John Stewart, Controlled Remote Viewer
"To any CRV/RV student that is considering advancing to what is termed "real" working targets. I would say "if you feel" ready and "willing" then by all means take the next step in the CRV/RV process. It'll be very rewarding in terms of taking your viewing to another level. I've worked with Ms. Frisch for a number of years through many "real" working targets. I've found her professionalism and dedication to be outstanding! The CRV/RV community is fortunate to have her as one of their representatives!"

Al Lambert, Controlled Remote Viewer