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Alexander, John, Ph.D Education, Col. US Army (ret), Special Forces and Intelligence
Books: Reality Denied / Future War / UFOs Myths Conspiracies & Realities
Article: Pentagon's Psychic Vision Revisited
Articles: The New Mental Battlefield
Video: U.S. Military Interest in the Paranormal with John B. Alexander

Allgire, Dick, Award-Winning Television Anchorman, Journalist, Reporter, Producer, Operational Remote Viewer, IRVA Speaker
The Hidden Gem: Hitomi [Akamatsu] & The God Particle
Video: Live Remote Viewing Session

Atwater, F. Holmes “Skip”, Captain, US Army (ret), Founder, Trainer, Operations Officer US Army Remote Viewing Unit, Former Director Monroe Institute, Founding Member and Former President IRVA
Book: Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul: Living With Guidance
Video: Interview with Skip Atwater at the Monroe Institute / Hemi-Sync Sound Technology
Video: Remote Viewing

Buchanan, Lyn, Staff Sgt., US Army (ret), Former Operational Remote Viewer US Military Intelligence Unit Stargate, B.A. Psychology and Linguistics, M.A. Linguistic Psychology, Founding Member of IRVA, Current Operational Controlled Remote Viewer / Trainer
Book: The Seventh Sense
What Is Remote Viewing?
Publications, CRV Online Courses, Appearances, Interviews:

Coronado, Pam, Former IRVA President and Noble, Jon, Current Director IRVA
Book: Natural Remote Viewing: A practical guide to the mental martial art of self-discovery

Coronado, Pam, Intuitive Investigator, Certified Search and Rescue, Missing Person Investigator Project Search For Hope and Fowler-O- Sullivan Foundation, Past President IRVA
Newspaper Article: Stumped Police Turn to TV Psychics in ‘78 Slaying story.html
Television Series working with the FBI: Sensing Murder
Publications, Courses, Presentations, Appearances, Interviews:

Frisch, Teresa, BSN, RN, CRV Instructor, Analyst, Project Management
RV Discussions, Tutorials, Publications, Nursing Conferences
CIA Sponsored American Institutes of Research (AIR) Remote Viewing Report in 2016: The View From Under The Bus – by Teresa Frisch

Husik, Gail, JD, Harvard Law School
The Husik Group - Extraordinary Investigations Specializing in Controlled Remote Viewing
Publications, Presentations, Appearances and Interviews:
Television: The Lowe Files

International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA)
IRVA Conference DVDs, RV Research, Publications, White Papers
CIA US Military Declassified Stargate Archives:

Katz, Debra, Ph.D, Psychology, Current President of IRVA, Past Winner Warcollier's Research Prize
Books: Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities Books 1 and 2
Publications, Courses, Presentations, Appearances and Interviews:

McMoneagle, Joseph, Chief Warrant Officer, US Army (ret), Former R&D consultant to SRI-International, Former Operational Remote Viewer US Military Intelligence Unit Stargate, Current Member The Parapsychological Association, Board of Advisors for The Monroe Institute and the Anomalous Phenomena Research Center, Board Member J. B. Rhine Research Center

Monroe Institute Residential Trainer:

Currently retired owner of Intuitive Intelligence Applications, Inc. after 35 years of operation

Books: Remote Viewing Secrets / The STARGATE Chronicles / Memoirs of a Psychic Spy
Video: Remote Viewing As A Skill In Consciousness:

McNear, Thomas, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (ret.), Former Member US Military Intelligence CRV Unit Stargate, First CRVer trained by Ingo Swann and only member trained by Ingo Swann through Stage 7 (phonetics), Civilian Intelligence Officer (ret), MA Counseling Psychology, Teacher at Omega Bio: Author: First CRV manual, Coordinatenate Remote Viewing Stages I-VI and Beyond, based on his training with Swann
Video: Thomas McNear on Ingo Swann & Remote Viewing

Mishlove, Jeffrey, Ph.D, Parapsychology, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Former Director Association for Humanistic Psychology, and Past President of the Intuition Network
Books: Psi Development Systems (dissertation), The PK Man
Television / Roots of Consciousness Studies: New Thinking Allowed - Conversations on The Leading Edge of Knowledge & Discovery YouTube Videos
Thinking Allowed Transcripts:

Puthoff, Hal, Ph.D, Physicist, Director Institute of Advanced Studies, Co-founder Stanford Research Institute (SRI) CIA supported ESP research program, Founding Member IRVA
Video: Remote Viewing - The Evidence
Video: Remote Viewing

Radin, Dean, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Science (IONS); Co-Founder, Cognigenics
Books: Entangled Minds / Supernormal / The Conscious Universe / Real Magic - Ancient Wisdom Modern Science
Video: Science and the taboo of psi
Video: Does ESP Make Sense?
Publications, Presentations, Appearances, Interviews:

Riordan, Edward, CRV Trained Remote Viewer, Associate Council for The Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies (INACS) Articles / Videos of a Remote Viewing Explorer

Schwartz, Stephan, Research Director Mobius Society, Associated Distinguished Scholar, Senior Fellow Samueli Institute, et al, Founding Member of IRVA
Books: Opening to the Infinate / Visions of the Future
Publications, Courses, Presentations, Appearances, Interviews:
Mobius Society Archeology Research: The Alexandria Project
Mobious Group Research: Project Deep Quest - An Experiment in Deep Ocean Psychic Archaeology and Distant Viewing

Smith, Daz, CRV Trained Operational Remote Viewer
Books: RV - Controlled Remote Viewing: Manuals, collected papers & information to help you learn Controlled Remote Viewing / Remote
Viewing Dialogues: Psychic spy veterans from the 23 Year, U.S. Military and Intelligence Remote Viewing programs, share their expertise.
Declassified Project STAR GATE Documents:
Publisher: Eight Martinis The State of the Art of Remote Viewing Magazine
Publications, Courses, Presentations, Appearances, Interviews:

Smith, Paul H., Ph.D., Philosophy, Major, US Army (ret.), Former Operational Remote Viewer US Military Unit Stargate, Founding Member of IRVA, Current Operational Controlled Remote Viewer / Trainer
Books: Reading The Enemy's Mind / The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing
Video: Remote Viewing: Martial Art for the Mind
DVD Course: Learn Remote Perception At Home
DIA Coordinate (Controlled) Remote Viewing Manual
Research: CRV REG Project
Publications, CRV Courses, Presentations, Appearances, Interviews:
Television: Psychic Spies: Any Truth in 'Men Who Stare at Goats?' goats/story?id=9032019

Swann, Ingo, Psychic Extraordinaire | Consciousness Researcher, Co-founder Stanford Research Institute (SRI) CIA supported ESP research program, Pioneered Coordinate [Controlled] Remote Viewing Methodology
Books: Everybody's Guide to Natural Guide to ESP / Penetration with Special Edition Update / PDF Download Entire Ingo Swann Database:
Ingo Swann Papers - University of West Georgia Special Collections

Targ, Russell, Physicist, Laser Pionieer, Co-founder Stanford Research Institute (SRI) CIA supported ESP research program, Founding Member of IRVA
Books: Do You See What I See / Limitless Mind / The Reality of ESP
Stargate ESP Trainer:
Publications, Presentations, Appearances, Interviews:
Documentary Film: Third Eye Spies

Thompson-Smith, Angela, Ph.D, Psychology, Princeton Research (PEAR), Founding Member of IRVA Owner: Mindwise Consulting (currently on hiatus)
Papers: University of West Georgia Special Collections
Books: Tactical Remote Viewing / Remote Perceptions: Out-of-Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, and Other Normal Abilities: Foreword by Ingo Swann
Newspaper: Seeing dead people: 'Remote viewers' in Nevada help solve California murder

Utts, Jessica, Ph.D, Professor Emerita, University of California Department of Statistics, Irvine, Board Member IRVA Jessica Utts:
Video: Remote Viewing and Statistical Validation
Video: Remote Viewing - Top-Secret Government Projects
Research: Investigation of Remote Viewing

Williams, Lori, CHt, LMT, Operational Controlled Remote Viewer / Trainer, Speaker IRVA Owner: Intuitive Specialists
Book: Boundless: Your How To Guide to Practical Remote Viewing - Phase One (A How To Series to Learn Controlled Remote Viewing
Publications, CRV Courses, Presentations, Appearances, Interviews:
What Is Controlled Remote Viewing
Ideogram Power Point (subconscious mind concept explanation)
Ideogram Practice