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Intuitive Research: A Timeline
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Nightingale: Intuitive Scientist
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Benner: From Novice to Expert
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American Holistic Nurses Association
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Martha Rogers RN, PhD Theoretical Model
The Science of Unitary Human Beings
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Frisch - Controlled Remote Viewing and Era III Medicine
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Schwartz, Stephan
Therapeutic Intent and the Art of Observation


Nightingale: the art and science of being human
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The Compass Lady
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Radin, Dean: Intuitive Graphs


Controlled Remote Viewing

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Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition: USAF/U.C.

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CIA Star Gate Files: RV Reliability / Stages

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CIA Biofield Measurements Program 1972

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CIA Star Gate Files: Neuropsychology 1975

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CIA Star Gate Files: CRV Methodology 1985

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CIA Star Gate Files: USSR Biofield Studies

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CIA Star Gate Files: Purchase

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CIA Star Gate Files: PK & ESP
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DIA: USSR Human Behavior Studies 1972

 Developing the Language

Matus & Castaneda: The Assemblage Point

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Gettysburg Ohio Schoolhouse Event

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Aesthetic Emotion

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Mystic Lake: Mind over Matter

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Entanglement: Spooky Action at a Distance

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Duck, it's a P7!

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A Case for Atmokinesis?

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Definitely not in Kansas anymore




Teresa Frisch | Aesthetic Impact Informational Services, LLCTeresa L. Frisch,RNAesthetic Impact Informational Services, LLC

CRV Instructor / Analyst / Project Management
Aesthetic Impact Informational Services, LLC (AIIS)

405 S Ridge Ave, Troy OH 45373

H: (937) 339-8926   E: teresalfrisch@aol.com

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Controlled Remote Viewing - Mentally Describe Locations, Activities & Events Across Time & Space

microphone When: Monday, 7pm EST
Host: Teresa Frisch
What: Radio Show

Purpose For Women International.org



I am a registered nurse with 40 years’ experience in healthcare and currently work in an Emergency Department in Southwest Ohio. I began studying nursing intuition and nursing theory after increasingly frequent personal nonlocal time / space events such as The Gettysburg Schoolhouse Event and Mystic Lake:  Mind Over Matter.  I attended a two hour remote viewing class while attending the Universal Life Expo in Columbus, Ohio in 2004 – and nailed the target.  This was a life-changing, defining moment.  I had described a picture in an envelope with no idea of what it was until after I turned in my session.  I realized that remote viewing was not a random, déjà vu event. 


It was a hands-on, purposeful activity that produced results, and those results were, in fact, data.  The United States Military Intelligence community had studied human intuition and achieved praxis using Controlled Remote Viewing methodology.  In 2005 I began studying CRV with Lyn Buchanan, former member of the U.S. Military Intelligence Unit STAR GATE.  There was no looking back


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CRV Instruction

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CRV Instruction | Aesthetic Impact Informational Services, LLC

Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), with its blind protocols and six-stage structure, was researched and developed under laboratory conditions for use by the United States Military Intelligence Unit Star Gate.  Described as a “mental martial art,” the CRVer trains their conscious and subconscious minds to work together on a common task, describing locations and events through nonlocal time and space. 

The intuitive, subconscious mind can, with practice, accurately describe and report sensory information such as smells, sounds, tastes, colors, sizes, and shapes using CRV / remote viewing.  CRV / remote viewing in general is typically not as accurate in describing and reporting analytical, conscious-mind types of information such as alpha numeric (letters and numbers). 


CRV was used in operations by the military as an adjunct means of intelligence gathering from 1978 until it was declassified in 1995.  CRV training and instruction was brought to the public sector by former members of the Star Gate Unit after it was declassified.  Several variations have developed since, with some tracing their roots back to CRV.  Each methodology has its own reporting mechanism and professional format.


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Student/Client Recommendations


Teresa is an exceptional instructor in basic, intermediate and advanced controlled remote viewing.  She was my instructor in all three levels of CRV.  I’m studying Beyond Advanced now and I wouldn’t be able to do that if Teresa hadn’t taken a chance on me! Jed Bendix, Advanced CRV Student
I had a Federal lawsuit that was entering Mediation with the other side rather significantly slow-walking me.   I needed to know what to expect from my lawsuit in Mediation vs taking the case to a jury and two years of subsequent appeals.   I contracted with Teresa as Project Manager who worked diligently with me to design a properly formulated question to ask a team of remote viewers.  Teresa then subcontracted with that team of remote viewers.   The remote viewers and I have been kept unknown to each other to this day...   Read More »
B.C., MD, Pennsylvania, Client



Examples describing Global Locations


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noeticspectrum1 noeticspectrum2

Joe Joe McMoneagle | Aesthetic Impact Informational Services, LLC



Remote Viewing as a Skill in Consciousness


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Musician Songwriter
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